4 Types of Caravans you Need to Consider When Shopping The Range

Nobody said caravan shopping was easy, that’s why we’ve suggested four types of vans that every first-time camper should consider.

4 Types of Caravans You Need to Consider when Shopping The Range

That quick whiff you get of mediocre airport food while you haul your over-packed suitcase throughout the terminal is an escapade that we once took for granted. As some sit, confined to their homes wondering what’s in store for the future of travel, others aren’t allowing the pandemic to completely be rid of the travel bug, preparing for what will be the ultimate trip as they plan to explore the country through caravanning.

“How does one go about investing in a camper?” you may ask. With so many brands, designs and options on the market, it’s important to make the right choice about which camper is suitable for you. It all starts with picking the right type of van.

The conventional caravan
This van is your standard ‘full-bodied’ camper that doesn’t come with any adjusting features. Its interior varies depending on the model, brand and design you choose but can sleep anywhere between 2 to 6 people. They come with a built-in kitchenette, storage and sometimes bathroom facilities. You can purchase some conventional vans second-hand that are relatively affordable while still in mint condition.

Pop-top and Pop-out vans
While they’re two different types of campers, they essentially do the same thing. Pop-top caravans open upwards to provide more headspace, whereas pop-out campers open outwards in the form of bedding. Some vans even do both. These types of vans are ideal for families and can sleep up to 6 people. They don’t always come with bathroom facilities but have kitchenettes. Some of these vans also have bunk beds which are great for the kids. You can get a top-end model second-hand for an average price of $25,000.

Camper trailers aka Folding vans
These vans start at the size of a trailer before expanding to almost double their size. Essentially, they’re a smaller, more compact version of pop-top and pop-out campers. These are ideal for families with small kids or younger couples who don’t have a lot of room to store a van at their property. If you’re not one who likes work, we’d recommend keeping away from a camper trailer as they are a little difficult to set up and can put strain on the body.


If you’re one who’s looking for a home on wheels, this is the camper for you. Most motorhomes come fully fitted with all the amenities you would require. They are quite pricey so if you’re only looking to have one for a month-long trip, it’d probably be best to hire one rather than purchase so that it’s not sitting in storage for months. The only let down is this van doubles-up as your car so you’ll be lugging your home with you everywhere you go.

Unsure of when they’ll ever be able to fly again, many Australian’s are jumping on board the motorhome trend, as they put their hard-earned savings to good use. Before you know it, caravan parks and camping sites will be jam-packed as Australian tourists flock to rural and coastal areas, happy to take a break while driving the economy back to recovery.