The Wellness Sabbatical: Why you Need to Take one Now

This wellness trend is your new excuse to take a break and invest in self-reflection for a little while.

The Wellness Sabbatical: Why You Need to Take One Now

We all know how overwhelming life can get sometimes. There’s the stressors of work, pressures of relationships and the voice in your head that gets seemingly louder each day. It’s times like these where everything becomes a little too much and you just need to take a break. 

With the subject of wellness no longer taboo, more individuals are coming to realisation that sometimes enough is enough. This is when they make the decision to take a wellness sabbatical. 

What is a Wellness Sabbatical?

Sabbaticals have always existed, but a wellness sabbatical centres around your mental health and wellbeing. Most are arranged to remove yourself from the physical workplace for a longer period than a holiday. 

It’s important to remember that this break isn’t one where you just drop everything and leave. A sabbatical actually takes a lot of planning, and requires you to consider many activities that you may like to add to your itinerary. Think of it like a retreat for self-care and mindfulness, except this retreat can be anywhere in the world.

Where should I go?

The answer to this question all depends on your interests. For example, if you’re one who likes to relax and meditate, you may find yourself booking a room at Peninsula Hot Springs spa retreat where there’s hot springs, massage services and yoga classes. But if you’re someone who is active, you may find solace in hiking, mountain climbing or abseiling at the Grampians. No sabbatical is the same and they all depend on whether you’re looking to have a break or are on a mission to redefine yourself.

What should I do?

Wellness sabbaticals are a great opportunity for self-reflection. You might do this through meditation, journal writing or perhaps there’s access to a support group where you can freely discuss your feelings and search for your purpose. 

You might also want to engage in some activities that you simply don’t have access to while you’re at home. This may include mud baths, yoga, acupuncture or martial arts to name a few.

Some people continue to work while they’re on their sabbatical and that’s completely fine. With many jobs now able to be done remotely, all you need is access to the internet and your laptop and away you go. A change of scenery is also proven to help boost productivity which is another huge benefit. 

When you should take one.

While the idea of running away during a period where you’re flat-out at work may seem like a good one, it’s completely impractical. You should negotiate the right time to take a sabbatical with your boss, which usually includes quiet periods or times where business is slow. You don’t want to take a break knowing that your return will involve a slump of work waiting for you at your desk either as that dread will take away from the enjoyment you’ll experience while on your break. 

A great wellness sabbatical involves appropriate planning along with the desire to want to gain something from the experience. It’s all about removing yourself from the busyness of life and secluding yourself from the outside world. There’s no right or wrong process as to how you arrange one, giving you complete freedom and control over where your self-reflection journey may take you.