3 odd DIY Skincare Treatments you Should try at Home

They may be weird, but they’re your skin’s best friend.

3 Odd DIY Skincare Treatments You Should Try at Home

Skincare products can be really expensive, so why spend hundreds of dollars on those products when you can DIY at home? These skincare treatments are natural, gentle on the skin and friendly on the wallet!

  1. Avocado + Egg Yolk + Yoghurt

Yes, we love our guacs but we also love avocado because of its rich nutrients for your skin. Avocado contains Vitamin A and E that will help moisturize and nourish your skin. The Vitamin A in avocado can also act as an anti-aging agent that will get rid of your wrinkles and dark spots. The egg yolk and yoghurt can lock moisture in your skin and prevent it from getting dry. Your skin will thank you for this!

Ingredients: ½ avocado (ripe), 1 egg yolk (make sure you get rid of the egg white), 1tbsp Plain Greek Yoghurt
How to use: Mash the avocado until there is no more clumps, mix it together with the egg yolk and yoghurt, put it evenly on the face (avoid eye area), rinse with lukewarm water after 10-15 minutes.

2. Grated Cucumber Face Mask

Cucumber is commonly used to reduce puffiness on the eyes. But have you heard of grated cucumber face mask? This mask consists of purely grated cucumber and is really good for the skin. Cucumber generally has anti-inflammatory characteristic that is perfect to moisturize your skin and soothe upset skin after sunburn or due to acne.  Your skin will feel rejuvenated and refreshed after this.

Ingredients: 1 Cucumber

How to use: Grate the cucumber and put it evenly on your face and any parts of your body that needs soothing, rinse after 10-15 minutes. You can also slice up 2 slices of the cucumber and put them on your eyes while the mask is sitting.

3. Honey + Brown Sugar

This mix of sweet ingredients will get your lips plump, hydrated and healed. The antioxidants in honey will nourish and moisturize your lips. It also can heal chapped lips because of its minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Brown sugar acts as a soft scrub to make sure that the dead skin on your lips is removed. Brown sugar is finer and softer on the lips than white sugar, but you can use white sugar if you like.

Ingredients: 1tsp Honey, 2tsp Brown Sugar

How to use: Mix the honey and brown sugar together, scrub your lips gently, keep them on for 15-20 minutes, wipe off gently with damp towel.

These treatments will make you feel spoiled and pampered at an affordable price plus you can safely do it at home without making too much of a mess. However, every skin has different reactions to different ingredients, so it would be advisable to do a swatch test on a small part of your skin before going all the way.

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