The Jean Shopping Survival Guide

Straight-leg? Bootcut? Girlfriend? We’ll help you make sense of all those labels!

The Jean Shopping Survival Guide

Shopping for jeans can be confusing. There are so many colours, styles and types to choose from that it is often overwhelming. From bootcut to boyfriend, we’re here to help you figure out what the styles mean and hopefully find the perfect pair of jeans. After all, nothing is more satisfying than finding the perfect pair of jeans!

High waist

Thesewill usually sit covering your belly button, with a high rise of between twenty to twenty-eight centimetres.


Midrise jeans should sit above your hips but below your waist, just below the bellybutton.


These jeans were super popular in the noughties, but they are less favoured now. They usually sit on the hip bone.


Cropped jeans are very fashionable at the moment. Coming in a variety of fits, cropped jeans will be shorter than the standard length of pant, designed to stop at or slightly above the ankle. They are great paired with ankle boots and sneakers.


The boyfriend jean is a slouchy, loose fitting pant. It can vary in how baggy it is, its leg length and its waist. Similar styles include the mom jean, the fisherman jean, which is cropped or rolled up at the bottom, and the girlfriend jean, which will usually have a more flattering fit than the traditional boyfriend jean.


As the name suggests, the bootcut jean is the perfect jean to match with boots underneath. It is tighter fitting at the top and looser around the calves. Bootcut is a great option for taller people or those with long legs.


A timeless style, Straight cut jeans have the same width the entire way down the leg. They are the perfect option for those who want to elongate the appearance of their legs.


Wide-leg jeans differ from flare jeans because they flare from the thigh rather than below the knee. These jeans are usually mid-rise and are a great option for the fashion forward amongst us.