Looking after the Girls: Choosing a Sport’s Bra

Keep your breasts happy and healthy at the gym with the right fit sport’s bra.

Sports Bra (Image Source: ProDirectRunning), crowdink.com, crowd ink, crowdink
Sports Bra (Image Source: ProDirectRunning)

Your breasts are made up of very delicate tissue that takes quite a hammering over your lifetime. Even if you don’t have children, yes they are worth the effort, but they do wreak havoc on your body, the hormonal changes you undergo as a woman will affect your breasts throughout your life.

Breasts are supported by things called Cooper’s Ligaments and your skin which means they do need quite a bit of help to keep them in place and ageing gracefully.

Having good support whilst you exercise is paramount to your experience of being fit and healthy. If your bra rubs, chafes, rides up or down and generally feels uncomfortable you are going to be less likely to exercise.

Here are the top 3 things you need to keep in mind when thinking about your Sport’s Bra.


Sports Bras are specially designed to keep your breast from moving too much and keeping you cool and dry. It does not matter what your size, you need a sports bra. To get the right size you need to measure. There are many bra calculators on the web. I recommend the one at www.bodiccea.com.au they also sell really good bras and are happy to answer questions and help you.


Different activities make your body move in slightly different ways, so a crop top might be good for a gentle yoga class, but definitely no good for walking or running. You need a bra designed for activity so that it is made of the correct fabric to wick away your sweat.


Most of us over 50 will have our favourite types of bras, however if you are an underwire girl this doesn’t translate to using underwire in your sports bras. Underwire will rub, particularly if you get sweaty. It is restrictive and doesn’t move with you, and we all know what a joy it is when the wire comes out and pokes you!