Your newest streaming service, but for books: Kindle Unlimited

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Kindle Unlimited

Amazon has excited Australian fans with the latest news that it will be finally be introduced to our country. The shopping service will have Australians no longer living in fear of the familiar ‘not available in your country’ notification, and will open up opportunities for us to finally get just as many goods as other countries have access to

Since this announcement, Amazon has now launched Kindle Unlimited. A Kindle subscription service which allows access to thousands of books all for only $13 a month. The service also features, much like many other streaming services, a 30 day free trial.

Media and art has taken a toll on the digital world over time. With the degenerating appeal of hard copy products, many industries have been forced to accommodate for this fast-paced environment, one where purchasing a single product for $20 seems like a luxury spend. Netflix, Spotify and Apple music have adapted to this preference for streaming over ownership, so it’s no wonder the book publishing industry were searching for their own ‘streaming’ alternative.

With books and literature seeming to only degenerate in popularity lately, Kindle has come up with a fix that will hopefully accommodate for the increasing disinterest in reading, refreshing the industry and inspiring more people to get back into reading.

Let’s face it, books are heavy. And despite the aesthetic appeal, it just isn’t practical carrying one or two around all the time. Plus, there’s the annoying cost of books. It’s just too disappointing spending $30 on a book you end up not even liking, and it only makes sense that many are preferring not to take the risk. Kindle Unlimited resolves these concerns of book buying, making flicking from book to book as easy as switching through your favourite Netflix shows.

Although some book fans may still remain loyal to the appeal of hardcopies, it will still make way for a much larger variety of customers. A cost effective way of reading that doesn’t require a library card will appeal to the fast paced people of today, and inspire many non-readers to try it out.

Many studies have revealed that the rate of reading in the population is minimal, with some admitting they haven’t picked up a book since their studies. Kindle comes as the superhero literature needs, inviting everyone to experiment with reading, and we welcome the new service excitedly. The US have had the opportunity to experience this for a couple years now, so it’s only fair we get a shot.