3 Stars That Should Have Been Chosen for the Lead Roles

3 Actors that could have played the leading role in iconic movies, better than the star they ended up with.

Emma Stone (Image Source: emmastonefans.net), crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au, crowd ink, crowdink
Emma Stone (Image Source: emmastonefans.net)

Do you ever anticipate a movie and then get let down because the actor/actress playing the lead role is so not what you imagined? I know, it really lets you down doesn’t it? Check out the stars I think would have executed much better portrayals of characters than the ones the were actually chosen.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Selena Gomez (Image Source: teen.com), crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au, crowd ink, crowdink
Selena Gomez (Image Source: teen.com)

The role of Snow White could have been played by anyone, but they chose Kirsten Stewart. Seriously, Kirsten Stewart as snow white? Is that the best they could do? There are so many actresses that would have made a much better Snow White. Like Salina Gomez for example, who was almost cast for the role… why didn’t they stick with her?

Harry Potter

Eddie Redmayne (Image Source: IMDB.com), crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au, crowd ink, crowdink
Eddie Redmayne (Image Source: IMDB.com)

Eddie Redmayne should have been in Harry Potter!

Come on, a good looking, English ginger… that’s just about JK Rowling’s favourite type of person to get into the Harry Potter cast. Redmayne says that he auditioned for the role of Tom Riddle at the age of 15. “There was this moment where it seemed that every English actor was getting the opportunity, particularly if you had reddish-brown hair” He said. But disappointingly, he never got the gig. Maybe if he auditioned for a Weasley brother he would have made his dream of being in Harry Potter come true.

The Girl on the Train

Emma Stone (Image Source: Indiwire.com), crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au, crowdink, crowd ink
Emma Stone (Image Source: Indiwire.com)

What I don’t get about the film adaptation of The Girl on the Train, is the fact that they got Emily Blunt to play Rachel, who is English in the novel, but American in the movie. Why didn’t they just get an American actress to portray her? Emily blunt did not pull off an American accent too well I’m afraid to say. I think Emma Stone with brunette hair, would have been perfect for the role of an alcoholic divorcee.

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