If Your Job Isn’t Working for You, Read This, Now.

There’s something to be said about taking control of your career and making decisions that are healthy for your work/life balance.

Work Stress [image source: linkedin.com], crowd ink, crowdink, crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au
Work Stress [image source: linkedin.com]

There’s something to be said about taking control of your career and making decisions that are healthy for your work/life balance. We’ve all no doubt found ourselves in situations where we are stuck in a job that isn’t fulfilling or is driving us into the ground mentally and emotionally. There’s not a lot worse than those feelings. Especially since we are constantly being told to do what makes us happy and we should be doing jobs that barely feel like work at all.

If you have the opportunity to quit your job in pursuit of something new and more beneficial to your life, I am telling you to take it with two hands. If you have the opportunity, of course.

I did this not too long ago. I was in a job that was something I had wanted to do for a long time. Unfortunately, it was a fairly high-pressure job in some ways and there came a point where what I was doing wasn’t satisfying me creatively or even professionally anymore. It was also affecting me emotionally and mentally.

Fortunately though, the period in my life where I’d realised I’d had enough was a period of opportunity for me. I was still living at home with my parents and had minimal responsibilities in terms of finances. I had strong and important responsibilities at the job, but I was by no means irreplaceable. In fact, no one is.

I think that’s a big problem people get stuck on when they are unhappy with their job. They think that things will all turn to s*** without them and wonder if they don’t do the work, who will? This is a crock. While there are of course some exceptionally talented humans out there who probably ace their jobs and would be greatly missed if they left, the truth is that everyone is replaceable. Sometimes realising this can be a step in taking control of your career.

I know not everyone is in ideal situations where they can just pack up and leave their desk or jobsite without knowing exactly what’s next. I know my situation was quite a lucky one at the time.

But I believe in making your own luck, good karma, and most importantly, analysing things.

If you are in a job that is affecting you negatively and to the point where you just don’t know if you can take it anymore, weigh up your situation. Take some time to analyse the things in your life that are being impacted by your situation.

The analysing is important. I know it’s not a very enticing word, but I spent a fair chunk of time making the decision. I know this time was instrumental in me coming to a legitimate and, ultimately, correct decision.

If there are a couple of windows of opportunity that potentially outweigh the things that “rely” on that job, go through those windows. Take a chance and one that is in your best interest.

The couple of months I had off were stressful, mysterious, and anxious, but I was happy. I was free and it gave me time to figure out my next move without the cloggy mindset I’d been trapped in for what seemed like an age.

I am happy to report that I am still happy. A risky decision – one that I normally wouldn’t make – paid off. In the time since, I think I’ve become a well-rounded, strong and healthy individual. I think I was before, but I know I’ve become so much more in these areas since my decision. My happiness is more important than any job, even the really great ones, and that’s something I truly believe now. I hope if you’re struggling right now, one day you get to believe this too.