Kick the Habit: Healthy Holidays against Tobacco

It's World No Tobacco Day, and what better way to kick the habit than a wellness retreat? Here are our favorites.

World No Tobacco Day [image source: Citsa], crowd ink, crowdink,,
World No Tobacco Day [image source: Citsa]

The prevalence of tobacco use has decreased over the past decade but is still an enormous global health concern. Tobacco consumption in all its forms is associated with a wide breadth of negative health effects, which results in nearly 6 million deaths worldwide, with more than 10% the result of non-smokers being exposed to second-hand smoke [1].  With May 31st being World No Tobacco Day, there couldn’t be a better time to kick the habit. However, going cold turkey whilst dealing with work stress and daily temptation can leave many reaching for their lighters again and finding themselves caught in a stop-start cycle. The majority of smokers who want to quit, may have already tried going it alone by reading self-help books or swapping cigarettes for nicotine-replacement patches, gum or e-cigarettes, but sometimes, we all need a helping hand. Health and Fitness Travel, experts in wellness holidays worldwide, shares why healthy holidays give the perfect solution to your smoking dilemmas and the best specialist retreats designed to help you quit tobacco long-term.

Why A Holiday?

A Conducive Environment

Holidays offer the most favourable environment and ambiance to start your new life as a non-smoker. With the luxury of time, fitness activities and detoxing spa therapies you’re bound to have your thoughts away from lighting up and instead switching to healthier habits.

A Time to Heal

There is never a good time to give up smoking, excuses can always be found, which is why quitting on holiday offers the best solution. While withdrawal, and all its unwanted side effects, is never welcome, working through it while surrounded by beautiful scenery can make it that little bit easier. Remove yourself from everyday stress and give yourself the time you need to take those first, firm steps.

A Place to Learn Good Habits

Smoking can often become entwined with core elements of our everyday lives, making it that much harder to stop. As a holiday usually means we are in new surroundings away from our usual routines, it can provide the space for developing new habits. Replace a post-lunch smoke break with a scenic walk or an evening cigarette with a book and boost not only your health, but your willpower.

A Better Alternative

With craving triggers and nicotine temptation lurking just around the corner, the key is not only learning how to recognise them, but also resist them. Healthy holidays offer a myriad of activities, from fitness classes to cooking demonstrations, for you to dive into. When you feel the lure for your nicotine hit, head out and explore on a hiking trip or indulge with a massage and feel great.

A Different Way of Life

See the world from a wider perspective, experience new things, and learn ways to cope with stress and the triggers of smoking.  Twenty four hours after you first stop, your lungs have already begun to cleanse themselves of tar. After a week away, your skin, hair and breath will be fresher, you’ll have a spring in your step and feel healthier from the inside out.

Where To Go:

Spain: SHA Wellness Clinic

Transition to a tobacco-free life the natural and healthy way on a transformative wellness holiday at SHA Wellness Clinic in southern Spain. Surrounded by inspiring coastline and mountain views, begin your wellness retreat with an initial heart and lung check, before experiencing a program of personalised coaching and therapies on a medical spa holiday, designed to prevent you from returning to your smoking habit. Combine oxygen therapy sessions and dental cleaning with stress relieving wellness activities, such as yoga and Tai Chi, to return home a changed person both inside and out.  

Brazil: Kurotel Longevity Spa and Medical Centre

Designed to help you break your ties to your cigarettes, this retreat is located along the stunning ‘Rota Romantica’ route, on the southern-most tip of Brazil. Gain control over your cravings and adopt a sustainable approach to going smoke-free with the help of dedicated experts. Daily evaluations combine with massage and inhalation treatments for a detoxifying experience that will send you home cleansed and revitalised. Health lecturers and cooking classes can spark new interests while the opportunity to visit local vineyards and scenic vistas offer a welcome distraction from temptation.

Portugal: Vilalara Thalassa Resort

Located on the Algarve coastline of Portugal, Vilalara Longevity Thalassa is a haven for those who wants to quit tobacco for good. Discover the fantastic wellness inducing properties of Thalassotherapy, also popular as an anti-smoking treatment, you are sure to reap other benefits from improvement of sleep quality to boosting of the immune system. Enjoy a wide range of integrated and high-impact treatments that target the root cause of stress and restore your overall well-being as you recover from the bad effects of tobacco use.

[1] World Health Organization. Tobacco. Fact Sheet N°339, Updated May 2014. Geneva. Accessed 6 January 2015.

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