Healthy Inspirations For Everyone

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Healthy Inspirations

As parents, it is our job to help our children develop healthy eating habits and maintain a strong and healthy immune system. We are the biggest influence in our children’s lives, so if they see that we are eating healthy, it will become normal for them.

Even the most health conscious parents sometimes find it easy to tolerate less than desirable eating habits, as we all lead busy lives and it can become challenging to find recipes that are easy, quick, and healthy. I have found some great websites for kids and families, fussy eaters, people with allergies and vegetarians. is a fantastic website aimed at school aged children to help achieve a healthy lifestyle. The site offers links for children, parents and teachers, being both informative and fun. is one of my favourite websites. As well as having great recipes, Planning With Kids has a menu planning app which makes organising the weekly meals and planning for busy families a breeze. has great recipes for people with allergies. Mothers often find it a challenge to keep creative when they have a child with one or more allergies such as dairy, wheat, corn, sugar and eggs. Although I am fortunate to not have any allergies in the family, I find the recipes on this site extremely healthy as well as tasty. has put together great kid friendly recipes, which the whole family can enjoy. I tend to get overwhelmed when there are too many ingredients in a meal but most of the recipes on this site are quick and easy with few ingredients.

These websites are great for ideas and inspiration, and remember, you can modify the recipes to suit your needs. Planning will make grocery shopping simple, as you’ll know exactly what you need.