Celine Healy: The Stress Resolution Expert

Stop masking stress with negative habits and finally beat it for good!

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Everyone deals with stress.

Everyday situations introduce themselves that are out of our control, and thus stimulate a negative stress response. Many professions and businesses teach and train methods that work as stress management.

However, Celine Healy does things differently.

Celine believes in stress resolution; i.e. fixing the problem and keeping it fixed, instead of just merely controlling it. We had a chance to chat with Celine about her business, Stress to Success, her much anticipated book, Boost Success in All Areas of Your Life, and why she believes her stress resolution methodologies is more effective than traditional stress management.

Celine discussed how she herself has dealt with stress in the past. She found herself in the wrong line of work, as an accountant, and soon found she was tired, overwhelmed and depressed. Celine then started to practice unhealthy ways of managing her stress; moreover, things that created only temporary relief. Celine relied on an unhealthy diet of sugar, caffeine and cigarettes to keep her energy and momentum artificially at peak. When she would finally come home to relax, she had to manipulate herself into a false sense of relaxation, using alcohol to dull the pain. The problem was, nothing was really solving the true issue: stress.

After Celine spent years working on resolving her own stress, she came to realize that there were others like her; business men and women who were ignoring and masking the signs of stress thus resulting in an unfulfilling life. Her own stress resolution took time because she didn’t know where to go or how to effectively resolve it. So, she decided to start up her own company: Stress to Success, a service that gave clients the quick, effective tools and help they need to resolve stress holistically and permanently.

Stress to Success, crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au, crowd ink, crowdink
Stress to Success

Celine found that professionals, particularly women, were choosing to hide their stress due to fear of rejection or failure. These fears are universal and we have grown to interpret expressing emotion as a sign of weakness, so many choose to hide it completely. People soon resort to unhealthy addictions and habits that only make stress worse, such as drinking, smoking or unhealthy eating. In addition, they seek out advice from friends and family who are probably going through stresses of their own.

Celine was worryingly aware of the ways many people ignored stress and didn’t take it as a serious issue. There has been an increase in stress-related diseases over the past few years, and Celine saw this as something that needed to be fixed.

Stress to Success works to resolve stress problems rather than just manage them. Many professionals prescribe methods on how to deal with stressful situations, however in negative circumstances most people don’t think reasonably. Celine wants to train your mind and body to automatically fight negative responses, which she altogether believes comes from teaching (retraining the ANS so that the stress response mechanism gets under your control) the autonomic nervous system and discovering the roots of stresses. As every part of the body is connected, it is only once we control the physical reactions to stress that we can permanently control and resolve the mental and emotional reactions.

In her book, Boost Your Success, Celine talks about flow, referring to the synchronicity of what life give you and how you take it. (FLOW means getting to that place whereby your body/mind is so aligned and in tune that you are vibrating at a higher positive level. When this happens you will be able to attract everything you want easily and effortlessly). Maintaining flow means to control your vibrations. If you are under high tension and keep a busy business mindset at all times, your vibrations will be restrictive and tightly packed. However, being able to remove yourself from this mindset means your vibrations will be relaxed and free-flowing. Celine says it’s important to keep these vibrations positive, so as to attract more positive things in life.

Celine observes that many people believe stress to be external; something that is spontaneously thrown at them and is only a result of negative circumstances. But rather, these circumstances only act as stimulants to our innate behaviours which may have originated from a much earlier age. This further emphasises Celine’s holistic approach, as she believes in getting to the root of these underlying behaviours and resolving them at the core.

Celine’s methods have been practiced for years, with heavily proven positive results. Her Stress to Success packages use step-by-step methods that help truly understand and resolve stress at its core, and help clients with maintaining these methods long after the sessions are over.

Stay tuned for more about Celine Healy, as we get the chance to talk more about her business, and further delve into her new book and services.

Connect with Celine Healy here: http://stresstosuccess.com.au

Celine Healy, crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au, crowd ink, crowdink
Celine Healy
Stress to Success, crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au, crowd ink, crowdink
Stress to Success