Next Stop, London!

The 17-hour flight that is revolutionising the international travelling scene.

Direct Flight Perth to London (Image Source: Daily Express),,, crowd ink, crowdink
Direct Flight Perth to London (Image Source: Daily Express)
  • 17-hour Perth to London flight route will be introduced in 2018
  • Flights will operate out of Terminal 3, Perth Airport’s domestic terminal
  • The new route will increase traffic in Perth from both domestic and international passengers travelling to and from Australia

There’s no doubt about it Australians love to travel. With many destinations at our fingertips, one of the most popular has to be Europe.

As soon as wintertime arrives here at home, we make plans to flock to the other side of the world and live it up under the European sun for as long as we can. You’d be lying if you said your Facebook feed wasn’t a constant stream of holiday photos during the months of June to August.

Although the thought of travelling makes us want to pack our bags and get going as soon as possible, there is something that deters many people from doing so.

Three words- long haul flights. But if Qantas has anything to do with it, things are about to change.

As Australia is so isolated from other countries, the long haul trip that is needed to arrive in Europe can be exhausting and is what prevents potential travellers from going through with their plans.

However, the people over at Qantas have come up with a way to get you flying direct to London with no stopovers, the whole trip lasting only 17 hours.

Direct flights from Perth to London will be introduced in 2018, allowing Australians to fly direct to Europe for the first time ever.

The non-stop flights on the ‘Kangaroo route’ will begin in March 2018, the almost 14,500 kilometre journey one of a kind and the third-longest passenger flight in the world.

The ‘game-changing’ aircraft, known as the 787 Dreamliner, will carry 236 passengers and has been specifically built for use on the 17-hour journey.

Passengers would depart and arrive from Terminal 3, Perth Airport’s domestic terminal, which will be upgraded to provide essential services such as quarantine and immigration.

It is expected that this new flight path will also increase traffic on domestic flights in and out of Perth, with passengers jetting over from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to board the non-stop European express route.

The flight will work both ways making the prospect of travelling to Australia much more appealing to those living overseas, with travel time being cut down tremendously.

The Perth to London flights will go on sale in April 2017, taking bookings for the first services beginning in March the following year.

The introduction of this new route revolutionises the Australian travelling scene, with potential for more non-stop journeys to be developed in the future.

Hopes that the new Perth to London flight will pave the way for more of these direct routes are high, with stops to other European cities to be created eventually.

So get your passport ready because soon you could be enjoying the European sun after only a 17-hour flight.

If that doesn’t sound like magic, we don’t know what does.