The Fastest Selling Qantas Flight to Nowhere.


The high-flying kangaroo brand Qantas released a seven-hour fight to nowhere which became one of the fastest selling trips in the brands history.

It’s no secret that Australians love to travel, some love the journey as much as the destination. So, when Qantas announced ‘The Great Southern Land’ aerial experience, that required no passport or quarantine, the tickets sold out in a record time of ten minutes.

For the avid travellers out there, a seven-hour scenic flight that had no destination but offers a first-class flying experience of some of Australia’s most infamous attractions was the flight fix they needed.

Qantas awoke ‘Emily’ the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, normally reserved for international flying from her sleep. Tickets ranged in price from $787 for economy, $1787 for premium and $3787 for business class.

The flight departed from Sydney on 10 October with 150 eager travellers aboard. The flight jetted across New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory before landing back in Sydney after a seven-hour round trip.

The in-flight service offered a three-course menu which was curated by Australian chef, Neil Perry. He is the founder of the Rockpool empire and is one of Australia’s most influential chefs.

Qantas received backlash about the flight to nowhere, with people saying it was bad for the environment and a waste of money. The spokesperson for Qantas quickly responded to critiques saying the fight operated with net zero emissions.

The flight promised low-level flybys of the most iconic landmarks in Australia, which included, Uluru, Kata Tjutu, the Whitsunday islands, Gold Coast, Byron Bay and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The flight to nowhere could be one of the many more to come. Qantas CEO Alan Joyce says it creates jobs for their employees.