5 Things People Want to Know about Kanye West’s Presidential Campaign

The question on all of our minds is… could Kanye actually become the President of the United States?

5 Things People Want to Know about Kanye West’s Presidential Campaign

On October 13th rapper Kanye West released his first ever presidential campaign ad. Despite the 2020 U.S. presidential election being less that 25 days away, it appears that West is still determined to continue his campaign trail.

The video, which is just under a minute and a half long, was released on West’s twitter account. In the ad West is in front of a black-and-white American flag and is talking about the importance of faith. At the end of the video West urges voted to write him in on the ballot. The video was posted along with the caption “we stepping out on faith.”

This is not the first time Kanye West’s quest for the nation’s highest office has come up in the media. His campaign was officially announced back in July 2020. At the time of his campaign launch West was not able to qualify for the ballot in numerous states. Since then, he has still held campaign rallies and sold “Kanye 2020 Vision” merchandise. Only a few days ago West tweeted a picture of his name being written in on a ballot. Despite this, a lot of people still have questions about the legitimacy of West’s campaign. According to answerthepublic.com, these are some of the top things people are asking about Kanye West.

1. Can Kanye West legally run for president?
2. Who’s Kanye West’s running mate?
3. Can Kanye win the presidency?
4. How did Kanye west become famous?
5. Will Kanye be on any ballots?

This ad seems to prove that Kanye is unwavering in his presidential campaign, yet there are still many speculations that it is all a PR stunt. Only time will tell whether West’s presidential run was successful or not.