Bali for Kind of Bogans

Get your bogan on and give Bali a flamin’ go.

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Bali (source:

I know what you’re thinking. Bali is for Southern Cross tattooed, VB-can holding, Bintang singlet clad bogans, not for classy cats like your good self.

I hear you. I get it. Bali has earned itself a bit of a rep.

But is this rep just, my friends? I SAY NO.

Having ventured the Indonesian island many a time, I consider myself authorised to enlighten you to the fact that Bali doesn’t have to be bogan.

In fact, it can be incredibly classy.

Don’t get me wrong, you can definitely find bottle openers shaped as scrotums and cheap knock of sunnies and handbags on every corner and if that’s your game, then stick to Kuta and you’ll have a ball. But If you’d rather a classed up experience with all the bells and whistles then I’ve got a mini list of must try spots for you, assuming you have about two weeks in the region.


Seminyak is Kuta’s classy older sister, a little bit of a distance from the tackier action and home to beautiful beaches, resorts and cafes. It has been ‘Australianised’ however, so is a good place to start if you were reluctant to leave ‘straya in the first place. You’ll hear a drongo accent within seconds of your plane landing at Denpasar airport and it will be like you never left home. Gorgeous must tries include Revolver Espresso, for coffee and breaky, Potato Head beach club for sunset drinks, and Ku De Ta for dinner if you’re feeling fancy. Is Seminyak a cultural experience? Not even close. But it is a lovely holiday location if a cheap rest is all you are after. Spend four to five nights here.

Bali Seminyak,, crowd ink, crowdink
Bali Seminyak (source: Bali Indonesia)


About an hour out of Kuta (easily accessible via cheap taxi’s), Canggu is a haven for surf pros and surf novices alike, with a few companies offering affordable lessons with incredibly experienced staff. Accommodation varies from homestays and hostels to more upmarket hotels, so you can cater your accom to fit your budget with ease. Foodie highlights include Betelnut café and Crate café, both beautiful for a lazy brunch. Don’t miss Echo Beach restaurant for an amazing sunset seafood barbeque, all at an incredibly affordable price.

You will also need a bike to get around and visit the less touristy parts. Spend four nights here.

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Canggu (source: Bali Indonesia)

The Gili Islands

The Gili Islands are three small islands off the coast of Lombok, so technically you aren’t doing Bali, but man oh man whilst you’re in the area, it’s worth the short time it takes to get there. The islands consist of Trawangan, the party island, Air, the sleepier, less commercialised island, and Meno, the sleepiest island of all. Each are perfect for snorkelling and diving with amazing corals and marine life (including turtles!!!) to discover. I would recommend spending your final six days here frolicking from island to island to truly unwind for the last section of your holiday. There are no taxis or cars on the island, however you can get around via horse and cart or bicycle. Gorgeous.

The Gili Islands,, crowd ink, crowdink
The Gili Islands (source: Bali Indonesia)

So grab Shazza and Murray, or Genevieve and Alfred depending on how you want to angle your trip, grab your sarong and get on a discounted flight outta here.