6 Things to Love About Dubai

The United Arab Emirates and Dubai is without a doubt one of the most exciting places in the world right now. Find out why.

Burj Al Arab, Dubai, Crowdink.com
Burj Al Arab, Dubai

The United Arab Emirates and Dubai is without a doubt one of the most exciting places in the world right now. Constantly breaking records, the UAE has quickly become incredibly popular with investors and tourists alike. Being someone who lives in the UAE I have witnessed some of the most unexpected and invigorating changes that have occurred: the UAE has gone from being a baron desert to a thriving metropolis almost overnight.

Dubai has become one of the “must see” places for a whole lot of people. When you’re in the UAE, you will instantly feel the good vibes, even if you’re just window-shopping (something you could easily do all day here!).

So, what is it that makes the UAE so amazing and inviting to people? I’ve been in the UAE for as long as I can remember and being born and raised in this beautiful country I think I can show you different aspects of what makes Dubai simply… incredible!

  1. Luxurious Lifestyle

Dubai has been the starting point for the success of businessmen from all over the world and luxury living is the result of their hard work. That’s what Dubai is about: if you know how to handle your career and money wisely, you’ll always be a step closer to your dreams. Fast cars, beautiful houses, nifty gadgets and all the perks of having a luxurious lifestyle are easily found in the UAE.

  1. Safety? 

If there’s one thing I love in particular about Dubai it’s the safety, and that goes for everyone! Whether you left your bag in a taxi, your phone in a mall, your card in a store, you can always trust that it will be given back to you. People follow the rules here, they’re not lawbreakers. They also don’t have to take something that isn’t theirs for their own benefit. Public safety is also important here; I have never felt unsafe walking the streets of Dubai alone.

  1. Ladies Are A Priority

When you’re waiting in line, someone will allow you to take their place. In Dubai there are special zones for ladies in the metro and on the bus.

  1. Education

The UAE has an exceptional standard of education -schools/universities are expensive but you are definitely taking a step in the right direction being educated here.

  1. Job Opportunities

A lot of people come to Dubai to work and earn a living and it’s a great place to start building your career. If you give your time, effort and perform at your best your dreams are bound to come true.

6.Tourist Destination

Dubai has many fantastic attractions for tourists: enormous malls, grand hotels, elegant resorts, the list goes on. Get ready to book your flight and plan a visit to beautiful Dubai!

In Dubai, you can have anything you want: money, material things, and splendor. But this isn’t what really matters. What matters most is the time we here in the UAE give to our families and the effort we put in to make other people happy. And unless we appreciate everything that is given to us – big or small, we will never see the worth of anything.

Contentment is the key to happiness, real happiness that money cannot buy. Keep it up, Dubai!