How to Handle Scam Calls: Tips from an Australian Call Centre Worker


An Australian call centre worker has shared valuable insights into the world of telemarketing and how individuals can avoid pesky unsolicited phone calls. Dealing with calls from unknown numbers often leads to encounters with telemarketers or survey takers, leaving many frustrated and seeking ways to deter such calls.

According to the call centre worker, some common responses like not answering, expressing disinterest, or abruptly hanging up during the conversation can backfire. These actions may actually result in receiving more calls from telemarketers. Similarly, declining to participate in a survey or claiming to be busy can lead to callbacks for different surveys.

The worker suggests a more effective approach to stop cold calls for good: politely ask the caller to remove you from their list. Simply saying “take me off your list” triggers a legal obligation for the call centre to honour your request and remove your number from their calling database.

Moreover, before requesting removal, inquire about where they obtained your number. They are legally required to disclose this information, and most companies offer websites where you can opt-out and remove your number from their contact lists.

For proactive measures, Australians can consider adding themselves to the “Do Not Call Registry,” a government database where individuals and organisations can register their phone, mobile, and fax numbers to opt-out of receiving unsolicited telemarketing calls and faxes. While this registry may not stop all cold calls, it can significantly reduce unwanted solicitations.

By following these tips and understanding the telemarketing process, individuals can reclaim control over their phone calls and minimise the disruptions caused by unsolicited calls.