Windsor’s Lucky Coq

The Windsor bar and eatery with a snazzy atmosphere and even snazzier food prices.

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Windsor's Lucky Coq (source: Where To Tonight)

Melbourne’s Chapel Street is to foodies what spirits are to alcoholics- alluring, expensive and necessary. Fonda, Mr Miyagi, Tokyo Tina, Hawker Hall, KFC- the list of trendy, delicious food hubs is never ending. But where does a good looking young rooster like yourself go when times are financially tough but you don’t want to stop participating in the rampant Melbourne culture of treating yourself just because?

Well KFC is definitely a sensible option, the prices are pretty good there, but for those who refuse to dip smaller potatoes into larger mashed up potatoes drowned in gravy (delicious), then I recommend to you a little place called Lucky Coq.

Yes, laugh at the name if you will. Enjoy it. Have a bit of fun. Experiment.

Laughs aside, Lucky Coq is one of the greatest venues in the Windsor region for a cheap feed, whilst still maintaining that edgy vibe and good atmosphere we millennials so desperately crave.

Equipped with the trendy, rustic bar in the upstairs area (old velvet couches and leather lounge suits make for excellent comfort and a real homey feel) and a range of decadent foods to choose from (inexpensive pizzas, pies, burgers and salads), Lucky Coq is an excellent place to meet your friends for post work drinks and a light meal, or to eat alone in a quiet corner- the lights are quite dim so your loneliness should be well masked by the night.

I can sense your excitement from here, but hold on to your hat sweet reader as there is a $4 special on food between the hours of 11.30am-4pm & 7pm-11pm on weekdays and 7pm-9pm on Saturdays, as well as all day on Sunday. Hold me.

That’s cheaper than your morning latte, assuming your morning latte is more than $4.

Oh and they taste delish did I mention that part?

So empty your money box or borrow from your little brother’s (times are tough), scramble for some gold coins and head to 179 Chapel Street on the corner of High, and prepare to be impressed.

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