Black Truffle Catering Enables Covid Safe Company Meetings and Events

Black Truffle was founded to fulfill the goal of providing a bespoke catering service to Melbourne's most discerning clientele.

Black Truffle Catering Enables Covid Safe Company Meetings and Events

As we continue the return to work, company meetings and events are a great way to reunite teams and demonstrate a return to normal.  

But how do we help keep these events covid safe?  One catering company has come up with an ingenious solution.  

Whether it’s boardroom meetings or client events, Black truffle’s premium catering service continue to provide their exceptional products to businesses, by answering one simple question; how do we deliver exceptional quality in a safe way?

We chatted with the founders, Evonne and Jason Darakas, to learn more.  

Black Truffle Catering

What problem is your business trying to solve? 

Employees of businesses in the city are still cautious in coming back to the offices, as well as having meetings with large groups of people. Some offices are not designed to have sufficient COVID Safe meeting rooms and spaces. Helping companies to plan events and have rewarding and safe functions. Lack of employees being back in the city offices is not encouraging companies to plan events and reward their colleagues with quality catering. Evolving and staying on trend to meet the needs of clients. Delivering exceptional product – “let our food do the talking”. Developing products for our clients so they can re-produce at home quality fine dining meal experiences for family & friends to enjoy. We call this Black Truffle @home. 


Black Truffle Catering – event and corporate catering with a delicious difference. Image: Supplied.

Why is this a problem or challenge important to solve – what impact is it currently having on people, other businesses, society, or community at large?

We want both organisers and guests to feel comfortable at the functions and to enjoy the experience. This will build confidence in their functions and encourage further events. Functions are a great way to motivate and appreciate your team and re-connect with office colleagues they’ve been apart from during the pandemic. Support city trades and add life back into the city. The importance of providing quality delicious meals says a lot to a team that they are appreciated and valued.

Black Truffle Catering

What particular product or service can you share that can solve this challenge?

Customised, individually boxed meals for every type of function and event. Business is slowly returning to the city. Black Truffle are happy to discuss great meal options from boardroom lunches for functions with teams, to re-connecting back with their clients. 

What is unique about your product or service? Spontaneous response

Quality food – renowned exceptional service. Flexible and understanding 

Black Truffle Catering
Black Truffle Catering

How can people connect with you (e.g website, social media channels, links to your business)?

You can connect with us through the Black Truffle website or via social media on FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn.

Whether you are looking for event catering or a gourmet take home meal, Black Truffle Catering is your one-stop-shop food destination.

Let the food do the talking and discover the Black Truffle difference today.

Black Truffle Catering