8 Most Liveable Suburbs that New Home-Buyers Should Consider

If you’re looking for a home in Melbourne, here are eight suburbs that you could fall in love with.

8 Most Liveable Suburbs that New Home-Buyers Should Consider.

Saying that house hunting is a nightmare would be an understatement. It’s not just about how pretty a house is, or the budget you’re following, there are countless things to consider such as population growth, transport accessibility and education. For most, the entire process is overwhelming. You’re left to analyse questions like should you stay away from populated areas? Which suburb has the least noise pollution? Where would you feel the safest? The list goes on.

If you’re currently in search of your dream home or apartment, finding the answers to those questions should be simple. Thanks to Domain’s Liveable Melbourne Study, here are eight of the most liveable suburbs in Melbourne that you should consider on your home-searching endeavour:

  1. South Yarra

Home to bustling streets, South Yarra is perfect for eating out and appeasing to those who choose fashion therapy as their ‘me-time’. With access to public transport and the sight of lively parks, this suburb is perfect for anyone who admires the city setting.

2. East Melbourne

A welcoming sight for footy fans, East Melbourne is for those who like to hear the crowd roar. Home to the MCG, East Melbourne is clean and green with lots of parks and recreational activities close by. However, if you’re one who is attached to your car you may want to steer clear of this zone as parking is minimal.

3. Carlton

If you’re looking to start a family and want to live close to the city, Carlton is the place to be. This suburb is known to give the ultimate dining experience with some of the best Italian kitchens within walking distance. There’s also childcare and medical facilities available close by. 

4. Fitzroy North

Some call it a classic suburbia just moments from the CBD. If you’re looking for a mix between suburban and city life, Fitzroy North is the home for you. And if you’re the gym-junkie type, you’ll have access to several fitness facilities nearby. 

5. Hawthorn

If you’re prepared to negotiate your budget, Hawthorn has the range when it comes to housing options. From apartment blocks, to cottages, to brand new developments, Hawthorn is perfect for all ages with access to internet facilities, dining and public transport. 

6. Footscray

More within the western suburbs of Melbourne, Footscray is the dream suburb for those looking for city-like living on a low budget. With both public transport and access to schools, Footscray sets up an inviting atmosphere for families with kids.

7. Travancore

If you’re into the sound of neighbourhood chatter and friendly support, Travancore is a sociable suburb on the edge of the CBD. Unlike other urban areas, Travancore has plenty of parking space and is perfect for singles and tourists.

8. Collingwood

If you’re one who doesn’t mind the boisterous vibe of bustling streets, Collingwood is profound for its restaurants and bars. With access to many sports, shopping and hospital facilities and only a walk from the CBD, there’s not much more that you could ask for.

House-hunting shouldn’t be difficult, but rather an enjoyable experience as you ponder on the journey towards self-discovery. These suburbs have been chosen based on indicators of retail, cafes, access to transport, employment, schooling, internet, cost and levels of congestion. For more information, visit Homely to see an extensive list of reviews on Melbourne’s suburbs.