Time to Visit Your Local Park This Park Week

This week is the perfect time to get outside and appreciate your local park.

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Parks Week (source: Gov Parks)

Strap on a hat and grab your picnic basket because this week, from the 4th -12th of March is Parks Week.

The week will see councils and other organisations all over Australia and New Zealand running engaging events focusing on the value of the outdoors.

Events range from a kids big day out, to role playing sword fighting and free exercise classes.

The aim of the week is to raise awareness of the value of parks and open spaces, and to get people out of their living rooms and enjoying the outdoors.

The campaign is also focussed on getting people to engage with their neighbourhood parks as well as improving general health and wellbeing.

The annual event is held every year by Parks and Leisure Australia and New Zealand Recreation Association.

They provide a broad range of services to strengthen communities through good use of leisure in the environment.

Parks and Leisure Australia’s CEO Mark Band said Parks Week would reinforce the role parks play in creating liveable cities and thriving communities. “Whether it’s a city park or a wilderness or bush setting, we want to recognise and celebrate the immense value parks provide for people to get out of their homes to exercise, unwind, and interact with others. The benefits of these spaces for physical and mental health, and in terms of economic wellbeing, cannot be overstated.” He said.

So this is the perfect week to get out of the house and take part in the many activities being offered over the eight days.

To find out more information about Park Week and to learn about local events near you, visit http://www.parks-week.org/