The Day After Tomorrow

I felt the earth move under my feet; I feel the sky tumbling down

Hurricane Florence (NASA)
Hurricane Florence (NASA)

It could be the start of any apocalyptic film circa 2007 as hurricanes, typhoons and earthquakes spell the end of the earth.

Impending Hurricane Florence has hit the US, deeply impacting both North and South Carolina with 140km/hr winds. The death toll has reached 13 people while 740,000 homes are without power. While the storm has been downgraded to a tropical depression, North Carolina is expected to experience the worst flooding in the states history.

Meanwhile, across the planet, China is bracing for the full force of super typhoon Mangkhut. In it’s path, the typhoon has lashed the Philippines and grazed past Hong Kong but not without killing at least 29 people.

Back at home; Western Australia felt the brunt of a 5.6 magnitude earthquake just after 1pm on Sunday. The tremor hit near Lake Muir and was felt as far away as Perth.

These destructive power moves by Mother Nature all come in the wake of super Typhoon Jebi on September 4th; Japans strongest storm in 25 years. At its worst, Jebi inflicted 280km/hr winds and caused widespread damage. 538 homes were destroyed; six people were killed while 160 were injured.

Time to start building that bunker.