Would you Take up a $84,000 Nanny Role in a Haunted House?

Sounds like a dream job, but there’s a spooky catch which is turning most applicants off.

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Haunted House

A Scottish couple have posted a job advert for a live-in nanny with a salary of $84,000.

The job would involve looking after their two children, aged 5 and 7, and involve tasks such as preparing breakfast, getting ready for school and helping with homework.

The job is even complete with your own private living space and complimentary food.

Sounds pretty appealing, right? But there’s a spooky catch which is turning most applicants off: The house is haunted.

“We have lived in our home for nearly 10 years. We were told it was ‘haunted’ when we bought it, but kept our minds open and decided to buy the house regardless.” The couple said on the Childcare.co.uk advert.

“Five nannies have left the role in the last year, each citing supernatural incidents as the reason, including strange noises, broken glass and furniture moving.”

If you love childcare, don’t mind moving to Scotland and are OK with basically inserting yourself into a paranormal activity movie, this is the perfect job for you!

You can check out the job posting here.