Deliveroo Pushing Boundaries Within the On-demand Food Delivery Space

Levi Aron, Country Manager at Deliveroo,,, crowdink, crowd ink
Levi Aron, Country Manager at Deliveroo

CrowdINK had the opportunity to sit down (virtually) with Levi Aron, Country Manager (Deliveroo) to discuss how Deliveroo is staying competitive and innovative in the on-demand food delivery space.

CrowdINK: What is Deliveroo’s competitive edge?

Levi Aron: Deliveroo has been operating in the food delivery space for 4 years now. We have come along way from launching in our first suburb in London and the business has grown from a little startup that no one had heard of to a household name in a record amount of time. What sets Deliveroo apart is our pure focus on food delivery and our three-pronged approach and laser attention around customer experience, restaurants and riders.

I personally like to have a very hands-on approach to management, regularly going on deliveries with other riders so I can experience the 360 review process with instant feedback.

CrowdINK: How is it innovating in the third party delivery space?

Levi Aron: Deliveroo are always pushing the boundaries within the on-demand food delivery space; having heavily and continuously investing in our tech we constantly drive for creativity, efficiency and innovation across the business. For example, Deliveroo Editions was recently launched internationally and is set to launch soon in Australia. The initiative is a revolutionary platform and delivery-only kitchen concept that will enable restaurateurs to reach customers in new locations around Australia — and the world — without needing a brick and mortar in house dining presence.

Through extensive market analysis, we’ve been able to identify specific local cuisines missing in an area, identify customer demand for that missing cuisine and hand pick restaurant brands that are most likely to appeal to customers in that locale. This way Deliveroo’s restaurant partners will be given the chance to expand, deliver and service completely new suburbs or cities that they wouldn’t have had access to before.

Levi Aron, Country Manager at Deliveroo,,, crowdink, crowd ink
Levi Aron, Country Manager at Deliveroo

CrowdINK: Can you briefly comment on the rise of third party delivery platforms, what are some key practical lessons that can be taken to improve ‘last mile delivery’?

Levi Aron: Deliveroo is an intrinsic part of the on-demand economy and has made great food so much more accessible to consumers, enabling restaurants to extend their reach to customers who may be too busy at work or home, and are looking for a convenient reliable solution to fit to their busy lifestyle. At its very core Deliveroo is a tech company and leverages the vast amount of data regarding the customer journey all the way from the very start as to when you have that craving for food, measuring each and every step until the food is delivered to you in a very short amount of time with the food in optimum conditions. Obsessing over each order and each customer experience whilst maximising use of the data points from each interaction and journey is what makes the difference.

CrowdINK: What have been some of the key challenges for third party delivery platforms

Levi Aron: The biggest challenges is taking something that works so well in a controlled suburb or environment and scaling the success of that experience across multiple suburbs, multiple cities, and multiple countries. Each time ensuring that tech calibrates to the geographic makeup and challenges of each new are of service. Understanding congestion, traffic conditions, weather differentials, type of riders available, types of vehicles available, all play into providing an awesome experience that customers find so sticky and keep on coming back to for more. 

CrowdINK: What are some of the highlights for Deliveroo in 2017 and beyond?

Levi Aron: Key highlights from the first quarter of the year would include Deliveroo’s expansion into new regions with the launch of Adelaide and Canberra and much regional expansion. Now Deliveroo operates in seven major metropolitan areas in Australia as well as in over 130 cities across 12 countries. The rest of 2017 will see Deliveroo continue expanding both regionally and back within our larger cities as well.

The launch of Deliveroo Editions in Australia this year will be our next exciting initiative whilst keeping our focus on continuing to scale our business further.

CrowdINK: How can consumers connect with Deliveroo? Website? Social? Apps?

Levi Aron: In terms of ordering, the best way for customers to connect with Deliveroo is via the Deliveroo app which is available on the Apple App Store or Google Play. However, customer can also go online at to place orders.

Deliveroo also has active Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts where customers can engage with the team with any enquiries.

Should you wish to become a rider for Deliveroo, head to: