Say Cheese And Show Me Those Pearly Whites

Shark Selfies (Image Source: YouTube),,, crowd ink, crowdink
Shark Selfies (Image Source: YouTube)

Australia is one of the ultimate holiday destinations for people around the globe. We are best known for our beautiful beaches, stunning summer weather, vast lands to explore and our deadly animals.

While most holidaymakers are terrified of the types of animals Australia is famous for, a few daredevil tourists have shown there’s really nothing to be afraid of by taking selfies with sharks during a cage dive.

Images show the 4.5 metre, 450kg Great Whites swimming up to the cage to flash a toothy grin as the tourists got a souvenir snap to complete their travelling adventures down under.

The photographs were taken in Port Lincon, South Australia, where tourists chose to cage dive with sharks in the hopes of seeing one of Mother Nature’s greatest underwater predators.

The company who runs the cage diving said these images were the result of patience and luck, with tourists attempting to get the perfect snap while sharks swum around freely around them.

These photos have come not long after two cage diving incidents occurred in Mexico where the sharks broke into the cages leaving two divers extremely frightened but unharmed.

The Port Lincon company has said that there is a negative stigma that surrounds the large sea creatures and hopes that their cage diving experience will help let customers and the world see the sharks’ different personalities and how magnificent they really are.

For these particular tourists however, the photos captured during their cage dive are a one-of-a-kind souvenir to have.
Because how many people can say they’ve taken a selfie with a Great White Shark and lived to tell the tale?