How to Reinvent Your Business With Airsacks

Airsacks don’t just have to be for the home. Your business can thrive on them too!

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Airsack For Office (source: Airsack)

The days of boring old desks and uncomfortable chairs are over. If you’re looking for the newest invention in alternative furniture to make your business different from the crowds of companies, then airsacks are for you.

Too long have we associated the workplace with restrictive desks, uncomfortable furniture and just downright unpleasant aesthetics. No one wants to work in a dismal old office space, so it’s time to reward your employees with the comfort and relaxation they deserve. Nothing gives workers more motivation than a cosy space to spend their 9-5.

Turning your workplace into a space your colleagues will love heading back to each day isn’t as hard as it sounds. Your first step is wicked furniture and you’re well on your way to creating the perfect workplace.

Airsacks are an innovative new form of alternative furniture that gives you the comfort and coolness of a beanbag, but the ease and support of a couch. The inconvenience of a regular beanbag has forever lingered as the reason behind many businesses taking to regular furniture. Airsack takes those issues out of the equation; daggy bean bags deal with frustrating “beans” that require messy maintenance and stuffing, and materials used usually end up deflating over time. Airsacks are made entirely from foam, so they don’t deflate, and the super secure material makes sure there’s no spills or damage. Your airsack will probably last longer than the boring desk chairs of usual businesses!

With the comfort of airsacks, you can give employees a cosy, cushy landing spot for them to get their work done. We all are more motivated when we are relaxed, after all.

Airsacks come in a range of fun colours, but also supply some corporate colours if you aren’t too eager for big bright sacks ruining the colour scheme of your office. But then again, who doesn’t love bright bold colours? Happy colours equal happy mood!

There’s also a range of shapes and sizes to cater for any space and requirement. Grab the airsack solo if you want a single space for each of your workers, or give the airsack +1 a go if you’re catering for a few people. Swap that dull old corporate chair for a comfy, plush airsack.

While the prices of airsacks are slightly more than your regular beanbag, they are guaranteed to last longer and require little to no upkeep (unlike the constant refilling of beans in beanbags). So really, you’re saving yourself a lot more money in the future.

Not convinced? Just ask all the happy airsack customers. An airsack purchase is a final purchase, and the only refunds airsack have to give are for customers upgrading or swapping sizes.

Still need time to deliberate? Not sure whether airsacks will suit your office? Not to worry, the staff at airsack want to properly help you spice up your workplace, whether it be the office or just seats for your customers, airsack has got it covered. And they’ll even offer consultations for your space, where they’ll come to you, check out the space, offer you their expert advice and hear out all the questions and queries you have.

So, if you’re still looking for the right way to give your workplace the modern-day makeover it needs, then look no further than Australia’s own airsack! No beans. No spills. No refills. No worries!

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