Nup to The Cup?

With many jumping on board and saying ‘nup to the cup’ the plight has been spread across social media this cup season.

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Nup to The Cup (Image Source: Sebastian Abbruzzese)

Over 137 racehorses have died since last year’s Melbourne Cup, from catastrophic limb injuries, bleeding out, cardiac related issues and 5 have died from exhaustion. The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses have been protesting horse racing and the unfathomable amount of deaths of horses, due to the racing lifestyle.

‘Nup to the Cup’ is a movement they created. 2017 has been labelled by the group as ‘the deadliest year yet’, a regular slogan used, as well as banners reading ‘is the party really worth it?’

This year, frames have been floating around Facebook that let you publicise your support for ‘Nup to the Cup’. Someone who has utilised this is Patrick Smith, 26, who says he has never bet on animals but has previously attended a race which made him feel ‘guilty’.

“Why should this be happening so people can have a good time and make money? I’m not against betting, I’m against betting on animals.”

Smith claims as a society ‘we don’t speak horse, we speak money.’

Melbourne held a tribute to Regal Monarch who was euthanised due to hip and shoulder injuries sustained in Race 4 at the Melbourne Cup on Saturday. Racing Victoria’s head veterinarian Grace Forbes insists that racing in Victoria remains a safe practice.






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