Mcdonald’s to Roll Back Antibiotics in its Chickens

McDonald’s policy to reduce antibiotics found in its chicken meals is a great step forward in reducing the development of antibiotic resistance.

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McDonald's Chicken (BMX News)
  • Mcdonald’s has announced that they will eliminate the use of human antibiotics in its Australian chicken supply by the end of 2019.
  • The plan is to be implemented worldwide by 2027.
  • Overexposure to antibiotics has been linked to antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria and a risk of a superbug.

McDonald’s has announced a global, three-tiered plan to eliminate the use of chickens treated with human antibiotics in its kitchens by 2027. Although, the change won’t as far off for those in Australia, since Mcdonald’s says that the new policy will be in full effect there by the end of 2019.

The policy is an important step towards curbing the damage done by over-exposure to antibiotics. The problem with over-exposure being that it increases the prevalence of antibiotic resistance in bacteria and the risk of developing some kind of superbug.

Antibiotic resistance is the creation of bacteria that aren’t affected by our current medicines, and it develops from the rate at which bacteria can multiply and mutate. When bacteria are exposed to antibiotics, there is a chance that some of the bacteria will survive who have developed some resistance to the drug. These bacteria multiply and pass on their resistance, leaving our current drugs effectively useless.

Once McDonald’s policy is in full effect it will reduce exposure to millions of people every day, but until that happens it’s important to be mindful of unnecessary consumption of antibiotics. To reduce your exposure, be sure to only take antibiotics when you’re infected with bacteria, know what you’re eating and follow your doctor’s instructions carefully when you are taking them.


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