Here’s Where The 2020 U.S. Presidential Race Stands

The election is almost here, and we now know who will be facing off against Donald Trump.

Joe Biden (Image Source- Wasington Times)
Joe Biden (Image Source- Wasington Times)

November 3rdwill see Americans head back to the polls to decide if Donald Trump will remain president for another four years. After an arduous Democratic race that has seen no less than 27candidates competing to face off against the President as the party’s nominee, it’s likely that former Vice President Joe Biden will become Trump’s opponent after today’s primaries.

The Democratic race was narrowed down to Biden, a moderate, and Bernie Sanders, arguably the party’s most progressive candidate, after Super Tuesday’s Democratic primaries saw Biden pull in front with 616 delegates, compared to Sanders’ 514. Sanders was narrowly beaten by Hillary Clinton in the race to become the 2016 Democratic nominee.

While primaries will continue into next week, it seems now to be a matter of time before Sanders suspends his campaign, given that Biden is well on track to receive over 50% of the delegate votes needed to secure the nomination.

Biden’s rise to the top of the record-high crop of Democratic nominees for 2020 comes as calls for the Democratic party to unite under the common goalof defeating President Trump are made left, right and centre. In a party where candidates’ standings on issues have ranged to every corner of the leftist political spectrum, which is facing an increasingly mobilised and passionate Republican party voter base, the nominee will be taking on a tall order.

The question of deciding a vice-presidentfor the nominee will require an answer that will be crucial to the Democrats’ bid to secure the presidency, given that they’re looking at targeting Republican voters frustrated with Trump’s performance and voters from their own party, many of whom, compared to 2016, are aligned with the more progressive views of Biden’s biggest competitors – Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Trump’s approval ratings have consistently wavered around 50% – both for and against the President. However, as his impeachment galvanised his voter base and with Republicans revelling in the divisions emerging from within the Democratic party, Democrats are facing a tough battle to flip key battleground states back to blue in order to retake the White House.