Name a More Iconic Duo

Apricot and wine may not be the first pairing that comes to your mind.

Name a more iconic duo
Name a more iconic duo

When we think of wine and food pairings, our thoughts may wander down the line of steak and Cabernet Sauvignon, lobster and Chardonnay or dark chocolate and Shiraz. However, the humble yet tart apricot can provide a solid matchup with a wide array of wines. The ultimate combination of sweetness and acidity, these fruity pairings will no doubt stoke some summer wine inspiration.

Australian Semillon

This blend is a popular match for apricots, with its zest and mouth-watering bite providing a great backdrop to the fruit’s sweetness. The peachy taste and fresh finish of many Semillon varieties make it a perfect dessert wine pairing with apricot cakes and baked treats.


The peachy and citrus flavours of Sauternes from Bordeaux is a great sidekick to apricot dishes. Furthermore, these two taste particularly great when cooked together – think a Sauternes and apricot cake, or a wine-spiked apricot jam.

Chenin Blanc

One of apricot’s greatest partners, this French favourite falls on common ground thanks to its light, fruity flavours. Its high acidity content cuts through the fruit’s sharpness, making it perfect alongside an apricot tart.


Known as an all-round crowd pleaser, Riesling’s delicate balance of sweetness and acidity pairs well with apricot anything. To cut down on sweetness, consider going with a drier wine that lets the apricot’s tartness shine.

Pinot noir

Red wine and apricot may seem like an unusual pairing, but a dry, semi oaked Pinot Noir matches well with savoury dishes such as apricot chicken. A red from Bourgueil, in France’s Loire Valley, is also an option worth exploring.

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