Government to Pay Interns $4 an Hour

Malcolm Turnbull and Minister for Employment Sen. Michaella Cash (Image Source: herladsun)
Malcolm Turnbull and Minister for Employment Sen. Michaella Cash (Image Source: herladsun)

Malcolm Turnbull creates new retail internship for unemployed Aussie youths

It’s rare for internships to be paid, as it is generally accepted that, if you gain a position in one, you will likely be unpaid and have to scrimp and save every dollar to until, if at all, you gain a paid position with a company.

Well, in a deal that fits with the saying “you have to be cruel to be kind”, the Turnbull Government has struck a deal with the Australian Retailers Association to force 10,000 young Australians who are ether unemployed or underemployed into internships that pay $4 an hour.

Yep! Four. Dollars. Allowing the interns to earn up to $200 a week.

While it’s still unclear how many retail companies have agreed to this new internship agreement, companies like Baker’s Delight and the Coffee Club have agreed so far to the Government’s PaTh internship program.

But perhaps this new deal isn’t all that bad and is actually a fair deal for young people to gain work experience and enter the workforce?

As part of the internship, jobless youths, aged 15-24, will be able to participate in 12-week placements to earn an extra $200 on top of their existing Centrelink payments.

Fortunately, our PM Malcolm Turnbull has commented on the internship, saying it ‘could be a stepping stone for young people to be a captain of industry’.

“They will get a start at a job and, you know what, they could go on to great heights”, he continued, “They could go on to, like many others before them, running big businesses, owning big businesses and employing lots of other people, realising their dreams”.

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