Air Quality In Melbourne Hits All-Time Low

Smoke from bushfires settles over the city.

Air quality Melbourne
Air quality Melbourne

NASA has reportedthat smoke from the bushfires is expected to do a round-the-world trip before returning to Australia. As of this morning the air quality in Melbourne has reached “hazardous” levels.

In the midst of this ongoing crisis, it’s important for us to remember to stay healthy.

Wearing N95 masksis a good way to combat the air pollution, but for those of you who can’t get your hands on some, or find them cumbersome, a regular Dura mask will work in a pinch.

Putting 2 layers of tissue between the mask and your face improves its filtration ability by 75 to 90%, which gives it almost the same level of effectiveness as a standard N95.

Dura masks are generally more comfortable, less expensive, and easier to find than N95 masks.

Have a look into the back of your supply closet to see if you can find a pack or two, and if you can’t, you can buy disposable masks at any of your local Officeworks or Bunnings.

If you’re braving the outside world today, bring one for yourself, and another for a friend. In times like these, there’s nothing more important than community and personal safety.