Emily Ratajkowski Announces Debut Book

Emily Ratajkowski announces debut book, ‘My Body’, after success of her essay.

Emily Ratajkowski Announces Debut Book

Emily Ratajkowski is a 29-year-old model and actress who was born in London and raised in San Diego. She has had a very successful modelling career and is well known for her roles in Gone Girl, Cruise and Lying and Stealing.

In September this year, Ratajkowski wrote an essay for New York Magazine’s The Cut, titled ‘Buying Myself Back: When does a model own her own image?’. In a deeply personal, raw and authentic piece that went viral, Ratajkowski talks openly about power, consent and how her image has been forcibly taken away from and used against her. You can read her essay here.

Ratajkowski has just announced that she will be publishing her debut book titled ‘My Body’, an essay collection discussing things such as women in the fashion industry, power and specifically “what it means to be a woman and a commodity”.

“Thrilled and humbled to announce my book of essays entitled “My Body” will be published by Metropolitan Books”, Ratajkowski stated in her announcement on Instagram earlier in the week.

Her book is set to be released in 2022, and if it is going to be anything like her essay, we’re in for a painstakingly honest look at the way men with power treat and exploit women who lack it.

A woman who can show such vulnerability and strength simultaneously, here’s to hoping that others may be influenced by the work Ratajkowski will continue to provide us and may many more women be left to feel inspired and empowered, one essay at a time.