More US Protests as Trump Initiates Refugee Ban

Only a week after Trump’s inauguration, the President has already begun sticking to his promises: initiating a 4 month ban on refugees and on citizens of Muslim-majority nations.

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Donald Trump More Protests (source: Salon)
  • President Trump has put a four-month ban on allowing refugees into the US and bars 7 Muslim-majority nations from entering the states.
  • State representatives and other nations urge their concern while protests rage on throughout airports and more major cities around the country.
  • Travellers holding certain passports are left stranded, and citizens of the proposed banned nations fear for their lives.

President Trump sticks with the promises he made pre-election by enforcing an immediate ban on refugees for the next four months, as well as no longer allowing citizens from certain countries to step foot in the states for the time being.

The decision was made effective immediately, with claims that its intention was to give Trump administration more time to organize a better screening process to prevent radical Islamic terrorists from entering the country.

Along with the temporary refugee ban, people holding passports from Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Yemen will also not be allowed to enter the country, and while the 7 nations are all Muslim-majority countries, Trump claims the action is not intended to be “anti-Muslim”.

Due to the immediacy of the new ban, many travellers holding said passports have been left in uncertainty. This included a Syrian family with travel visas who were left stranded after not being permitted on their flight from Paris to Atlanta.

Iraqis who were said to have helped the US government also claim to now be in fear for their lives, as their previous hope to resettle in the states has now been diminished.

Meanwhile, Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, and Trump spoke over the phone regarding a refugee resettlement agreement arranged under the Obama administration. Trump has agreed to honour the arrangement which involved the resettlement of roughly 2000 asylum seekers detained at Nauru and Manus Island, however that will be the last resettling for some time.

The decision has left growing criticism across American states as well as internationally. Only a week after the last women’s march, protesting Trump’s attitudes towards reproductive rights, he has, once more, infuriated people around the world, and more protests fill the streets. After detained protests in a number of airports on Sunday, more spontaneous rallies have propped up in New York, Washington and Boston, with protesters reaching numbers in the tens of thousands.

From this point on, it is clear that Trump will be remaining loyal to the extreme promises that were made over the election period.