The Best Ads From This Year’s Super Bowl

Featuring a very distressed Melissa McCarthy being chased by a rhino

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Superbowl Ads

If you’re not a big fan of American football- and let’s be honest who is- another highlight of the Super Bowl is the commercials.

An ad that airs during the Super Bowl costs US$5 million for 30-seconds, so companies are forking out serious cash to get some air time.

This year for the first time ever, the Super Bowl features an Australian booze brand ‘Yellow Tail Wines’.

Highlights also include star appearances from Melissa McCarthy, Cam Newton, John Malkovich and Peter Fonda just to name a few.

Here are the very best.


A game of pee wee football becomes VERY competitive when a child turns into super star player Cam Newton. The clip also includes our home-grown model Miranda Kerr.

Kia Niro

Melissa McCarthy struggles to save the planet with her Kia Niro and finds herself in some very interesting and painful situations.

Yellow Tail Wine

This typical Australian commercial features a bikini-clad model and a kangaroo who is a BBQ chef and a DJ. Classic straya.

Avacados from Mexico

This psychedelic commercial features Hollywood comedian Jon Lovitz, and hypnotises you into having Avocados from Mexico.

Square Space

In this ad for square space, John Malkovich hilariously fights for the rights to the domain which has already been taken by a fishing enthusiast.


This controversial ad shows how the founder of Budweiser was actually a refugee, and ambitiously moved to America to brew beer. A sly dig at Donald Trump perhaps?


This ad feels more like a western movie, with Mercedes- Benz enlisting the help of directors, the Coen brothers and actor Peter Fonda.

Old Spice

It wouldn’t be the Super Bowl without an Old Spice ad and the team have provided again. This time, a man creates a Gorilla-to- English dictionary. Not sure how it relates to the product, but it’s still hilarious anyway.