Tiffany & Co Gets a Make-Over You Won’t Want To Miss

Legendary Grace Coddington is changing the look of Tiffany & Co.

Grace Coddington [image source: W Magazine], crowd ink, crowdink,,
Grace Coddington [image source: W Magazine]


Earlier in the year, Grace Coddington, legendary creative director at Vogue, stepped down from her position to take on external projects that had been limited when she was at her day-to-day job at the office. While she has parted ways with Vogue, she quotes Vogue as being the beginning that has ‘opened so many doors’ to new opportunities.

While no longer at Vogue, Coddington still has a respective office and assistant at the Vogue HQ, and is still contracted to produce at least four editorials a year for the magazine. But now as a free name in the industry, Coddington has already gotten a foot into a few other projects, with her most recent collaboration project being a new fragrance with avant-garde brand Comme des Garçons and now her latest project with jewellery giant Tiffany & Co.

Perfume CDG [image source:], crowd ink, crowdink,,
Perfume CDG [image source:]
The project sees Coddington working on Tiffany & Co’s Fall 2016 advertising campaign, celebrating the jewellery company’s classic designs with a very legendary tagline reflective of the director herself: some style is legendary. In a statement released by Tiffany & Co. back in June, Coddington said, “Tiffany—and its famed Blue Box—has always held special meaning for me. To me, this is not just an ad campaign, but an opportunity to portray a legendary house of luxury through modern portraits of uniquely talented subjects.”

With individuals such as Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o and Elle Fanning set to be a part of the campaign, much anticipation is set on seeing what Coddington will bring to the project with her classic and romantic art direction.

What makes this campaign so unique is that Coddington is well-documented in holding disdain for celebrities being enlisted to advertise a brand for the sake of it. Rather she prefers to take a more traditional route of using the right faces and names – even if it takes a little longer to seek out the right individual. Caroline Naggiar, chef brand office at Tiffany & Co has stated that, “[Grace] Coddington is a style legend in her own right, we’re excited to have her serve as a creative partner for the development of Tiffany’s brand.”

The campaign, set to feature multiple Tiffany collections with the addition of Coddington’s romantic vision, will make its debut in the September Issue of Vogue, alongside many other industry publications. Until now, you can view some of the campaigns on their official website.

Elle Fanning and Lupita Nyong'o [image source: tiffany and co website], crowd ink, crowdink,,
Elle Fanning and Lupita Nyong’o [image source: tiffany and co website]