Sanuk Just Released Their New Collection. It’s Just Awesome.

Sanuk literally means “fun” in Thai. You really don’t need to know much more than that.

Sanuk Yoga Slings [image source: sanuk], crowd ink, crowdink,,
Sanuk Yoga Slings [image source: sanuk]

Sanuk is a “not-so-typical” footwear brand that takes its name from the Thai word for “fun.” And it really is. Fun, funky, hip, hippy, fashionable, functional, and pretty darn socially and environmentally responsible, Sanuk isn’t just about taking care of your feet. It’s about allowing you to never be uncomfortable.

Sanuk just released their new collection and our feet are simply sighing with relief and excitement. Here are our three picks for dopest products:

  1. Yoga Gora Gora

Sanuk Yoga Mat™ Sandals are the perfect combination of mind, body and spirit… for your feet! These sandals are made outta real Yoga Mat material to give your feet an elevated state of comfort. You didn’t read that wrong. The soles are made out of yoga mat material, so your feet are able to chill in child’s pose or get a workout in chaturanga dandasana. And they’re pretty fly, too.

Yoga Gora Gora [image source: sanuk], crowd ink, crowdink,,
Yoga Gora Gora [image source: sanuk]
  1. Yoga Devine

These, like Yoga Gora Gora, are made out of yoga mat materials. However, they’ve got a gorgeous ankle wrap-around that make them perfect for a hop, skip, and jump wherever your feet may take you. They feature a lightweight, two-way stretch microfiber yoga sling with perforated design detail, with a sole covered with premium faux leather, clean welt detail, and molded contemporary rubber outsole.

Yoga Devine [image source: sanuk], crowd ink, crowdink,,
Yoga Devine [image source: sanuk]
  1. Yoga Cleopatra

Our final pick, the Yoga Cleopatra, looks fancy as heck, but features our signature comfy and practical yoga mat materials, so you can wear them all day and all night! They’ve got a faux leather gladiator style upper with ankle strap tie, yoga mat inspired footbed, are covered with premium faux leather, a clean welt detail, and a molded contemporary rubber outsole.

Yoga Cleopatra [image source: sanuk], crowd ink, crowdink,,
Yoga Cleopatra [image source: sanuk]
Check out Sanuk’s full line here.

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Taking its name from the Thai word for Fun, Sanuk is a global lifestyle brand known for its funky sense of style, lo-fi innovation, and delightfully irreverent humor. Primary product franchises for the Brand include its Yoga Mat Sandal Collection and its patented “Not-A-Shoe” Sidewalk Surfers, which introduced and defined the entire hanging closed-toe footwear category. The Brand continues to rapidly attract a uniquely passionate fan following through its addictively comfortable products and invitingly off-center worldview. Additionally, Sanuk is represented by an impressive roster of athlete-ambassadors including surfers Donavon Frankenreiter and Matt Meola, rock climbers Chris Sharma and Daniel Woods, and snowboarder Jeremy Jones. Sanuk is distributed in over 70 countries worldwide and is a proud member of the Deckers Outdoor Corporation. Learn more at Smile…Pass It On