Looking For A Lip Lifesaver?

Lip saver - scrubs
Lip saver - scrubs

If you’re anything like me, you’re more than familiar with the feeling of dry, chapped lips. You’ve tried every type of ‘lip moisturiser’ you can find, yet you’re constantly battling the flaky feeling that gives you the urge to forever lick your lips.

Enter: the humble lip scrub.

As the name suggests, lip scrub is a gritty exfoliator that removes the dead skin from your lips, leaving them soft and smooth. Made from ingredients like sugar and natural oils, lip scrubs are safe to ingest, but also taste great.

Not only will your lips feel less chapped, but they will retain more moisture and be less prone to drying out. Smoother lips also mean that lipsticks, glosses and stains will stay on longer, and the stress that comes with having to reapply will be far less constant.

Beauty experts recommend scrubbing your lips a least once a week, and even more during winter. It really depends how dry your lips are, but there is no harm in scrubbing once daily. It only takes a minute, and each pot of lip scrub will last you a while.

You can find lip scrub at any good beauty bar or make-up store, but the best (and cheapest!) type of lip scrub is one that you can make yourself, with ingredients you can find at home. Alternatively, there are recipes all over the internet if you want more interesting flavours.

To make a basic scrub:

  • ½ cup coarse sugar
  • 2ml Vaseline, olive oil or your favourite lip balm

Mix the two ingredients together in a bowl, and voila! You’ve got your very own lip lifesaver. Keep it in an airtight jar for safe keeping.