Is Morning Sickness Really Caused By An Increase in Hormones Or Is There More To It Than That?

What Causes Morning Sickness?
What Causes Morning Sickness?

For many women morning sickness is part and parcel of being pregnant. It can range from slight nausea to intense vomiting and everything in between. It can last anywhere from one week to forty weeks. It can stop you dead in your tracks with the degree of nausea and vomiting that can come with it or it can simply just slow you down and ask you to make different choices within your day. For some women it can be so intense that medical attention is needed!

So what really causes morning sickness?

The most common theory is that it is because of the increase in hormones that occurs when we become pregnant… so why do some women experience morning sickness and others don’t? We all have a similar hormonal process during pregnancy, don’t we?

There are also other “theories” such as morning sickness being worse if you are having a girl rather than a boy, and vice versa. I’m not sure about you, but I know many women who could say otherwise in regards to this one and all the other strange and bizarre “theories” that are out there!

So there must be more to morning sickness than just pregnancy hormones or the gender of the baby, right?

In my experience there is! Pregnancy is so much more than just a physical experience. It is a time that immerses us into more than just growing a baby. During pregnancy we can grow as women too, as it offers us a time to really sink into our bodies and feel ourselves as the glorious, delicate, sensitive and vulnerable women we naturally are.

And morning sickness can play a big part in helping us to drop all our defenses and clear out what is in the way of us really allowing ourselves to connect to our natural womanly qualities.


Because it makes us stop – either by vomiting, nausea or both.

  • It makes us question how we do things.
  • It asks us to make changes that support us more, like taking extra time in the morning to get ready, or resting more, or changing what we eat.
  • It gives us the opportunity to feel what it is like to not be in control.
  • It can bring with it a certain fragility.
  • It can bring us back to feeling our bodies, whether that is every ache or pain, or how sensitive and vulnerable we may be feeling, or how exhausted we are.

Morning sickness to any degree can be the stop moment we need to once again feel ourselves as the delicate and tender women we naturally are underneath all the busyness, false bravado and isolating independence we tend to gravitate towards living in instead.

Morning sickness can support us to let go of, even physically dispel, many of the ways we are living that do not support us being the delicate, tender beings we really are.

Experiencing morning sickness can be just what we need to begin to accept more of our natural womanly qualities – accepting feeling the delicate stillness that lives within us, that lives within all women in fact. The stillness that allows us to hold ourselves steady when all that is around us is in perpetual motion – the stillness that comes naturally with pregnancy.

So now armed with the understanding that morning sickness is there to support us to come back to the stillness we all have within as women, what would be the most effective treatment for morning sickness?

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Robyn is a woman who naturally expresses her delicateness and grace as a wife and mother. She also works as a counsellor in a busy medical centre bringing her lived wisdom and compassion to all those she sees. She is constantly inspired by the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom as presented by Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon to live a life based on truth, love, harmony & joy, with an ever present feeling of stillness to support her to stay steady when everything around her is somewhat chaotic! She enjoys walking, being in the sunshine, playing with her kids, spending time with her husband, catching up with friends and writing.