Indoor Plants That Won’t Die On You

A guide for people with no green thumb.

Indoor Plants That Won't Die
Indoor Plants That Won't Die (source: Storify)

Indoor plants are the perfect way to spice up a room and add colour and life.

However, if you’re anything like me you struggle to keep them alive.

No matter how much you commit to looking after it, you always seem to forget to water them (or over-water), leave them in the sun too long, or just generally forget they exist until you find them months later wilted and dusty.

So here is a list of low maintenance hardy plants that are perfect for indoors. These plants will forgive you if forget to water them, or down-right neglect them.

And if you can’t keep these alive, I’m sorry but you really shouldn’t be responsible for anything in your life.

ZZ Plant,, crowd ink, crowdink
ZZ Plant (source: Pinterest)

ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant is the king of the low maintenance plants. So low maintenance you could leave it in a cupboard, go on holidays and when you return it would probably still be alive.

This plant doesn’t require much sunlight at all and can survive months without watering. The only way you can kill this plant is to overwater it. So step away from the spray bottle and let this plant do all the work itself!

Snake Plant,, crowd ink, crowdink
Snake Plant (source: Love Chic Living)

Snake Plant

Perfect for the forgetful gardener, the snake plant can be left alone for weeks at a time and still look fresh. Research has even shown that the snake plant can help clean the air inside your home and remove toxins. It really is the perfect indoor plant!

To look after them place them in a pot with a general purpose fertilizer. Make sure they’re in an area with indirect sunlight and only water them once a month. Easy-peezy!

Jade Plant,, crowd ink, crowdink
Jade Plant (source: Plant Scapers)

Jade Plant

The jade plant looks like a small shrub and are considered good luck (also known as the money tree). What makes them so tolerant is they can withstand poor soils and the thick leaves and stems act as reservoirs of water.

Just make sure your jade plant receives partial or indirect sunlight. You don’t even need to water the jade plant on a schedule. Simply just water it when the top of the soil is dry to touch.

Aloe Jade,, crowd ink, crowdink
Aloe Jade (source: Pinterest)

Aloe Jade

The Aloe plant is similar to a cactus in that they don’t require much watering at all.

Just pop them in a sunny position and watch them grow by themselves. Just make sure you water it every month or so and you will have a plant-friend for years.

Kalanchoe Plant,, crowd ink, crowdink
Kalanchoe Plant (source: We Are Found)

Kalanchoe Plant

Who says to have a hardy plant you need to compromise on looks? The Kalanchoe plant is gorgeous, vibrant and perfect to add a bit of colour to your room. Plus, they work well with dry climates and temperature changes.

Over-watering is the main killer of kalanchoes. Allow your plant to get dry between watering and then water thoroughly until it runs to the bottom. However, make sure you empty the drainage tray- never leave it sitting in water.

Echeveria Plant,, crowd ink, crowdink
Echeveria Plant (source: Pinterest)

Echeveria Plant

This plant is the most difficult to look after in my low-maintenance list, but don’t worry it’s worth it! The echeveria is one of the prettiest succulent plants because of the flower shape it grows in. It comes in a range of colours including green, purple, blue, black, red- you name it.

Make sure they receive plenty of light and keep the soil moist to keep them alive, so every few days. While they can tolerate extended dry periods without watering, they will grow stronger (and prettier) if they receive adequate water.