5 Tips for Men’s Grooming: Style and Profile

5 tips that men can use to become a well-groomed, stylish and sexy. This is for men that need easy grooming advice to look as good as they feel.

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Men's Grooming

The first impression that a woman looks at when they first see a man is their appearance, and, boy, can they tell a lot from it.

In everyday life, there is a conception that it doesn’t matter what you look like, as long as you are great on the inside it’s all good and rosy. However, wouldn’t you want your appearance to be as great as how you feel?

You should want to look as great as you feel, and for some reason, males just seem to miss the boat. You should want everyone to turn around and say “S**t, got real” when you walk in the door. It’s awesome to feel like the most well-groomed and presentable guy when you walk into a room. Hell, I do that every day.

Take a look at some easy tips to look like a well-groomed, sexy beast.

Make that Fro Look Sah-weet!

It may be a pain in the butt to get your hair done on a semi-regular basis, but the feeling after getting a fresh do makes you feel on top of the world.  It’s even better when you form a relationship with the hairdresser or barber you see, and they know exactly what suits you and what will make you absolute gorgeous. Yes, I said gorgeous what of it? 😉

Keep Them Mean, Keep it Clean

No I am not talking about picking up a chick at a club, but I guess it couldn’t hurt. Being a clean and neat shaver has always made me feel very fresh and very stylish. I’m not saying shave so you’re silkier than a wet baby’s bottom, but just maintain and tame the facial hair that you have. Whether it’s a nice shave at home, or going to the barber’s for a clean razor shave, as long as it’s maintained and clean, you’ll be one sexy beast. But just don’t do the ominous Tom Piotrowski

Get that Hair Out

If there is anything I hate more than a bad hairdo, it’s hair being in the most inappropriate place. No need for monobrows, nose hair curls, and the awkward curled eyebrow hair. There are trimming kits for as little as $10, that help get in those awkward hair spots without losing an eyebrow, or monobrow if you must keep it. But please, get rid of it.

Manscape Approved

Now, I get that you’re not going to show everyone your nether region, however, feeling like you have a fresh and tidy area is a massive confidence boost. Don’t get carried away and try and look like a porn star. It’s so unrealistic that a porn star wouldn’t be impressed.  Just be clean and tidy, and you’ll feel so much better.

Feel Fresh

Yeah, I know it’s a pain to always smell nice, but the amount of comments that I get on my scent after a few sprays is absolutely ridiculous. It’s just a good feeling to know you have great taste and you smell fantastic. However, always change your scent up between 2 or 3 that always make you feel like you’re given a great first impression.