Vegan Protestors Send Shockwaves Across Farming Communities

Nation reacts to the dubbed "peaceful" protests from animal rights activists

Vegan Protestors (Image Source- bigsmoke)
Vegan Protestors (Image Source- bigsmoke)

The reaction to yesterday’s mass protest from vegan animal rights activists has caused a stir amongst the Australian population. Activists highlighting the treatment of animals within the meat and lifestock industry enacted a series of calculated protests spread across Australia, locking themselves to equipment within a Queensland Abattoir, storming rural farms and blocking access to Flinders Street Station in peak hour.

In the wake of the protest, farmers are taking a strong stance against the vegan group’s action. Brendan Farrell, founder of Burrumbuttock Hay Runners, an organisation delivering donated hay to drought-affected farmers, posted a video online to voice his anger:

“Vegans are going bananas. Blockades left, right and centre. Flinders Street Station is in chaos. Abattoirs chained up, people locking themselves up here, there and everywhere. I am just gobsmacked with some of the bulls**t that’s coming out these people’s mouths on what they are trying to achieve.”

The protests coincide with the first anniversary of pro-animal rights documentary “Dominion, demanding that the film be linked in the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources websites for public awareness. Nevertheless, their disruption in peak hour traffic, blocking the heavy foot and vehicle traffic on Flinders Street with three vans and dozens of protestors, shut down 11 tram systems and blocked emergency vehicles from accessing the path.