Men’s Socks for Work; The Rules

The dos and don’ts of sock etiquette in the business workplace

Men's Fashion Socks
Men's Fashion Socks

Socks might not be the first item that jumps to the front of your mind, when putting together an outfit for work, especially for the guys. Yet, they are at the core of our comfort for the workday ahead, they can also complete your outfit or draw unwelcome attention.

The Art of Manliness has four rules when it comes to their guide socks.

The first rule seems obvious, but it’s on the list so clearly not enough men are taking notice. Your socks should match! They should also not have any holes or stains… this may not seem like a problem, when do you take your shoes off at work? But if the time should ever come and yours are barely holding together, you’ll undoubtedly forget heeding this rule.

The second rule is that your socks should match the trousers you’re wearing. It brings clothing together and creates an outfit. The socks don’t have to be plain or a singular colour, but an element of the trousers colour should be present in the sock. Many men don’t follow this rule completely, instead choosing to individualise themselves at work, using sock fashion. However, the practice of sock and trouser matching goes back further than a century and some men abide by it like law.

Rule number three is a touch out-dated and stated that a man should always wear socks that rise to his knees. This is difficult as less and less sock manufacturers are making knee-high socks, however the principal behind this idea still stands; Don’t wear ankle socks to work. The flash of white skin from your ankles doesn’t scream professionalism, so let’s just meet in the middle and buy socks that cover you up but don’t necessarily go to the knee.

The last rule is to ensure your socks match your level of dress. Formal? Maybe don’t wear the bright cheques, going to the gym? Sports socks are your go to. It’s common sense, and definitely a rule that should be strictly adhered to.