Cold-Blooded Caller

Mysterious Phone Calls Terrify Hawaiian Residents


No one calls anymore. It really is a lost art. I remember going home after school, and jumping on a three-way call with my bffs to discuss the drama of the day. Now we all just send gifs to each other, which is an art form itself. But I do miss those long phone chats.

Thousands of people in Hawaii were blessed with phone calls recently thanks to a very chatty gecko. The adorable prank caller was tap dancing on a phone at the Ke Kai Ola Marine Mammal Centre. Sometimes, you just need someone to talk to, I guess.

Dr Claire Simeon who received several calls only to find no one at the other end discovered the mystery caller after a quick investigation. She called the phone company and was told thousands of other people had experienced the same thing. Finally the phone was found, it was coming from inside the house! Well, it was coming from inside the Marine Mammal Centre. A little gecko had decided the squishy buttons on the phone were perfect for a foot massage.