More Women Show Off Their Bodies. More Freak-outs Ensue

Breaking news: a number of women do in fact have breasts and also like to show them off sometimes.

Kardashian Fashion
Kardashian Fashion (source: Celebuzz)

Another week in the media, and another woman in the limelight. Or rather, a number of women.

It seems that magazines and websites still have no shame in creating articles that are very clearly intended to spark a shock-awe reaction from readers. Unfortunately, it’s now getting boring and unoriginal.

Kylie Jenner Goes Braless…

Kim’s See Through Top…

Gaga’s Underboob…

The list goes on.

Lady Gaga,, crowd ink, crowdink
Lady Gaga (source: Hello Giggles)

And while I’m always happy to see my fellow woman dressing up and feeling confident in her own skin, I’m less than excited about the obvious connotations that these articles suggest. The idea that these women showing off a natural part of their body should be shameful.

And it’s frankly not.

So, instead of giving in to this old fashioned notion that a little bit of breast or skin is something women should have constantly covered, let’s celebrate them for feeling great and rocking some awesome trends.

Spread love, guys.

Kim Kardashian,, crowd ink, crowdink
Kim Kardashian (source: Daily Mail)