The Most Christmasey Way to Get Your Beer This Holiday Season

Your brew delivered by a few of Santa’s helpers.

Reindeer pulling sled of beer (Image Source: Box Steam Brewery), crowdink, crowd ink
Reindeer pulling sled of beer (Image Source: Box Steam Brewery)

2018 has been a big year for the beverage industry. Amazon announced that it would start one hour alcohol delivery service in the Manhattan area for Prime members; some genius’ made our favorite fruit, the avocado, into a beer; now there’s a new way to get your beer fix.

Box Steam Brewery in Wiltshire, England is offering to deliver their cask deliveries to nearby bars using, wait for it, a traditional sleigh and two reindeer! Throughout December, the brewery has made deliveries to the pubs, and although it’s slower, the festive gimmick has less impact on the environment than a diesel truck.

The brewery uses a steam kettle to produce their ales, so this is not their first shot at trying to lower their carbon footprint, but it’s definitely more fun! Imagine seeing the sleigh rolling down the street, hopefully driven by the big man himself!

**No reindeer were harmed in the making of this Christmas debauchery**