Aldi’s Vegetarian Section Gar-likely To Please

One Aldi shopper has discovered something surprising about his supermarket’s vegetarian section…

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Garlic Bread

Have you ever wished that you could eat garlic bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Well according to Aldi, an endless supply of garlic bread constitutes a perfectly adequate vegetarian diet.

Aldi shopper and avid Twitter frequenter ’Joe’ took to the internet last night to share his remarkable discovery – that his local supermarket’s vegetarian freezer section was stocked to bursting point

with one thing and one thing alone. You guessed it– garlic bread!

Sharing an image of the bizarre occurrence on Twitter, Joe tweeted: ‘the “vegetarian” section at my local Aldi is literally just garlic bread and as a vegetarian i’m very happy and here for it”

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Since his carb-loaded upload yesterday, the post has already attracted over 12,000 likes, 2,000 retweets and many enthusiastic responses.

Some have even joked that they would (b)readily give up meat for Aldi’s vegetarian alternative, with one garlic bread enthusiast remarking: “Always wondered what I’d eat if I was vegetarian, I could do this diet.” Another also added: “Okay that’s it, I’m going vegetarian.”

Joe isn’t alone in noticing Aldi’s limited herbivorous options, with another Twitterer also sharing an image of their local Aldi store’s vegetarian section comprising of not one, not two, but THREE freezers stocked full of garlic bread.