Why Are People Angry With Adele?

One fan said the singer has “zero work ethic”

Adele at Grammy's (Image Source: inquisitr.com), crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au, crowd ink, crowdink
Adele at Grammy's (Image Source: inquisitr.com)

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love Adele and wouldn’t have loved to see her in concert.

Unfortunately, many people did miss out on seeing her Adele Live 2016/17 tour, including those who were supposed to attend one of her last two concerts at Wembley Stadium in London, as she was forced to cancel due to damaged vocal cords.

In an emotional letter posted on Instagram, Adele said to fans: “I don’t even know how to start this,

“I went to see my throat doctor this evening”, she continued, “And on medical advice, I simply am unable to perform over the weekend”.

And while her reason for cancelling seems fair enough, some fans have hit back at the singer for only offering to refund the ticket price for the cancelled shows and not the total price they paid, including travel and hotel arrangements.

Fans then expressed their displeasure for missing out on seeing Adele Live, with some saying:

“Adele well done for letting fans down! Next time don’t get greedy and have too many concerts planned if you can’t handle it…”— @Terrythepin

And “Dear Adele this year finally got lucky to grab tickets & after months (sic) of waiting a day before u cancel. Disappointed feels short of how I feel.”— @HydChicInLondon

Others, however, showed support for the suddenly ill singer, with Romina Soledad Bada tweeting, “‪@Adele‪ even if you can not sing, it’s us, your fans outside the stadium singing for you. #WeLoveYouAdele and we thank you for everything!”— @RominaSBada

And Caitlyn Vanbeck tweeting, “just to let you know ‪@Adele – we still love you X”– @caitlynvanbeckx

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