New Star Wars & New Stars

Everyone’s talking about Star Wars, so why isn’t anyone talking about this?

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Star Wars- The Force Awakens

Now, I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan you’ll ever meet. I mean, I’ve seen all of them, but the first three seem to have molded together in my mind, and I didn’t even remember the fact that they actually reveal Darth Vader’s real face until scouring YouTube for recent cast interviews. Come on guys, why isn’t that more openly talked about? Why aren’t there memes out there featuring his weird, graying creep face?

But, having just seen the new installment in the series and loved it, I believe that this film raises an important question outside of the fantasy world loved by many. Star Wars: The Force Awakens truly made me reflect on Hollywood and the state it’s in at the moment. I really applaud J.J. Abrams for doing something that is so unheard of theses days: hiring an unknown actor.

In fact, he hired two unknowns. Whoa, man; calm down!

These days it’s all about celebrity, rather than talent. It’s all about familiar faces and clout, rather than giving chances to people with some real skills. Gettin’ a little bit stale, Hollywood.  Everyone is hired because they are someone, because people have already devoured their lives and need to go stare at their faces on the big-screen even more than they usually do.

If the new Star Wars is teaching us anything, it’s that the world is accepting of new faces to obsess over. So why isn’t it even a talking point that two novice actors are getting their start in a major way? I don’t frikken know, but something in me tells me it should be part of the Hollywood discussion. The world is certainly open to it, why isn’t Hollywood? Why aren’t there more worldwide searches?  Why have Instagram followers become a prerequisite for scoring roles?

Also: how is Harrison Ford still so god d*** attractive? I just believe this is a topic that needs to be addressed, especially that last question.

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