Music World On Shuffle

The ever-changing trends of music.

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The music industry is constantly putting out new songs and albums all the time. Just the other day Psy’s Gangnam Style lost its place as the most viewed video on YouTube to Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Ruth’s See You Again.

Although these videos aren’t cinematically groundbreaking what is it about them that got almost three billion views each? What makes a song or a video that popular, and who decides?

Songs and artists are constantly on rotate, it feels like yesterday Taylor Swift was ruling the world with her 1989 album and now it’s all about the hip hop sounds of Kendrick Lamar and the new stripped back the organic sound of Lady Gaga.

But what about the ones that fly under the radar? 22-year-old, Halsey, was the first woman in 2017 to hit number one on the Billboard charts with her second studio album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom.

Then there’s newcomer Norwegian singer Sigrid whose EP Don’t Kill My Vibe displays the artists killer pipes for all to hear.

With the overwhelming amount of music that is constantly pumped through our radios every day, there is always something for everybody.

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